FOR PEOPLE WITH BRACES: How many times have you broke your bracet?!

Question: FOR PEOPLE WITH BRACES: How many times have you broke your bracet.?
I broke it 4 times!

1 time - Eating bacon
2 time - .?
3 time - .?
4 time - Eating Tic TacsHealth Question & Answer

7 times... my Ortho hates me.

1st few times - can't remember
4th time - tootsie roll
5th time - carrot
6th time - pizza crust.
7th time - a french fry.

Haha.Health Question & Answer

I just had my braces off last week, what a relief that was. They recommend not eating anything crunchy or tic tacs! You basically have to live on soft food and not force anything onto them, so chew slow if youre eating something that might break the,..for eg chicken. Good luck with it, ull get used to it!Health Question & Answer

So far i have only broken 1 bracket. But then again i have only had my braces on since August 25th. I gave into temptation and ate a snickers. Not a smart idea i know but it was going to happen sooner or laterHealth Question & Answer

never! my orthodonist assistant broke one off at my last appointment putting my new wires in, but they will fix that for me next week. As far as myself breaking them, its zero times! I am an adult with braces and very careful.Health Question & Answer

5 (if you mean the color thingy... I think I swallowed 3 =0) lolz.
You mean the color band thingy or the metal thingy.?
The metal thingy... twice.

My orthodontists never explains anything to me.
Health Question & Answer

i broke mines 3 times
1st time eating laffy taffy
2nd accident
3rd accidentHealth Question & Answer

1st time:chewy candy
2nd time: hard candy

not coolHealth Question & Answer

although when i got them tightened for the first time they didn't put the wire in properly so i had to go in again to get it sorted out!!
Health Question & Answer

Y were u eating Tic Tacs.
Not a smart thing to do.Health Question & Answer

None so far.Health Question & Answer

Once and it was yesterday

I was chewing on a straw Health Question & Answer

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