Is there anything wrong with my braces?!

Question: Is there anything wrong with my braces.?
yeah well i got braces today and no this isn't a whiny question on how to make the pain stop because so far i feel no pain...

Anyways...I was just wondering if this is supposed to happen or not...

My verrrry back teeth on both top and bottom have that metal goes around your teeth...

Well my top right back tooth's piece of metal sticks out too much down in my opinion...therefore when i attempt to bite down it's like a....idk a ruler in your mouth..i just can't successfully make all my bottom teeth touch my top teeth.

If you have no clue what i justi said i will make it more simple

My top teeth won't touch my bottom teeth becuase metal is in the this supposed to happen.?Health Question & Answer

Ive had a brace, and at first it feels really weird having all of this strange stuff in your mouth! That may be the answer. However...if you have a look in the mirror, does it look like the ring is not covering the full depth of your tooth.? It may be that the ring is not on far enough, or it may be that you have little teeth and the ring is too big for your tooth. stick at it for a couple of days, and if its still uncomfortable go back to your dentist for them to look at it. Dont let things get too uncomfortable cos its not pleasant! Hope this helps a little!Health Question & Answer

Are you talking about a fixed brace.? I have one for many years with the metal bits round my back teeth. Compare it to the left side. It doesn't sound right. Next time you see your orthodotist, mention it. Although you may get use to it after a bit.

And do not fiddle around with them yourself with pliers. The hospitals charge a lot of money if you break them.Health Question & Answer

yeah but u will get used to it soon in about 6 weeks ur teeth will change and tell ur ortho that there is to much metal and she will change for u and u will feel pain so take asprin or pain reliver or advil so get used to it buddie there gonna be on there for a ong timeHealth Question & Answer

um duhHealth Question & Answer

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