Should i have been given antibiotics?!

Question: Should i have been given antibiotics.?
Hi i have just found out that the wisdom tooth i had removed on friday had a severe abscess and that i will find puss in the socket, don't you think that the hospital where i had my tooth removed should have given me some antibiotic's as the puss is coming out from my gum.? also i was told that the bone could have rotted due to the abscess.?

Im totally confused and worried and advice / info would be most helpfulHealth Question & Answer

I guess every case is different, but I had a wisdom tooth out under local the other day and got antibiotics because they had to cut my gum open and sew it up again and because I had cavities in other teeth.

Personally, I'm quite surprised they didn't give you some too.

I would go and see your dentist (or the one who took the tooth out)- they should have told you everything you needed to know so you weren't worried.

Puss and rotten bone definitely don't sound like something that should be left. Definitely ring the dentist I reckon.

Hope this helps.Health Question & Answer

Without knowing the exact details of the case; it would be difficult to second guess the physician who removed the tooth. The best thing to do is to ask questions. It is your right to have clear communication from your physician concerning your condition. If you feel the condition is worsening, then go back to the doctor that did the original extraction; if they don't address your needs, don't hesitate to follow-up with another dentist or oral surgeon.Health Question & Answer

Yes I would think they should have given you antibiotics, sounds awful! I would go back to the dentist or your local GP Clinic, tell them you have puss coming out of it & demand to see someone. You could end up seriously ill if this isn't treated. NHS Direct are really helpfull aswel I've found, maybe give them a ring tonight, see what they say.Health Question & Answer

I think you should get antibiotics, especially in your case, which there was abscess. There is big probability that the puss was caused by bacteriological process in oral cavity. You can see your doctor and ask him for the antibiotics. Health Question & Answer

If this puss is supposed to be cming out your tooth then the best thing to do is use a ice pack on it and use advil every 4 - 6 hours. Im not a doctor but this is all I no so you would have to check first. Try calling your doctor if your concerned still. Health Question & Answer

All I know is that I had a wisdom tooth removed on Saturday and I was prescribed Amoxycillin 500 mg for seven days.Health Question & Answer

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