Anything to worry about? ?!

Question: Anything to worry about.? .?
Ohk...I am really worried about getting braces..anything to worry about.? Does it hurt.? Does it feel weird.? When does it start the hurt.? Should I take Advil or Tylenol before I go.? All answers appreciated.
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It doesn't hurt to get them on. Not at all. Except, the glue they use to put them on tastes really bad. Afterwards my teeth were pretty sore, and it hurt to eat, but its not too bad. When you go, ask for some wax, because sometimes the wires cut your lip. That was the worst part for me, but once I put the wax on, it wasn't so bad.
Don't worry too much about this, and don't bother taking Tylenol before. But you MIGHT want it a few hours after. But see how you feel, and don't take it if you don't feel like you need it. Good luck! Hope this helps!Health Question & Answer

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