Almost 7 months pregnant and horrible wisdom teeth pain?!

Question: Almost 7 months pregnant and horrible wisdom teeth pain.?
I have taken anti biotic which seem to work and just ran out today and still in pain I also have dentist consultation this week and surgery dated for the 22nd ..
tonight MY LORD I am in so much pain my friend bought me some tylenol 1 with codine and just regular tylenol well i took 2 # 1's tonight at like 9 pm and it didnt seem to be doing anything so i took just one regular tylenol and doesnt seem to be doing anything I do not want to od .. or hurt my baby .. BUT i just can not take the pain no more the only thing that does seem to work is a mouth full of water ! and I have drank alot already keep having to go pee which is a pain also cause i am 203 pounds cause of my pregnancy and its hard for me to get up and down .. anyways just wondering if any one has experienced this and what you have done for it ! .? thank you so much and GOD bless .
I just wanna go to sleepp!:(
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You really shouldn't be taking Codine when you are pregnant. I understand that you are in a lot of pain. If water in your mouth is the only thing that helps, that means you have a "hot tooth" and have a very bad infection in it. The only thing that will get you out of pain is to relieve the pressure from the infection. Most dentist will just start a root canal to let the abscess drain. If you are in that much pain, you should go to the ER. Codine is horrible for a growing baby, and meds really won't help you at this point. Maybe if you go to the ER, they can give you a shot to numb the area so you can at least deal with it until your dental office opens in the morning. I'm so sorry!! I've seen several patients come into our office with the cup of water, but if your dentist doesn't know what to do, go to an endodontist. Health Question & Answer

Call to move up your appointment. That's too long to wait. If they can't find another one that can do it sooner. Nothing is going to make you feel completely better until you get the teeth removed. Tylenol with codeine is safe to take during pregnancy, but I wouldn't take too much of it! Plus is it really helping, so don't risk the baby if it isn't helping anyway. Try keeping water in your mouth and just holding it in there, swishing it around and spitting it out so you don't have to swallow it and pee so much! :) Try salt water rinses or peroxide half and half with water rinses as well. Call to see if they want you on more antibiotics as well!Health Question & Answer

Please don't take any more of the Tylenol with codeine until you speak with the dentist and doctor. At this point in your pregnancy a great deal of it will concentrate in the baby's body, and not as much in yours- which is why you aren't getting much relief. It can however depress the baby's heart rate too much. Try a hot pack to your cheek, and if there is somebody who can run to a drug store or something for you- ask them to get you some Oragel. It won't work great for long, but it will temporarily numb matters and make them a bit more bearable. As soon as you can, call the dentist's office and put the case to them and ask to have the surgery moved up. The cure is to remove the teeth, and at this point that is the best choice there is. Sorry dear, it does sound a real misery, and there just aren't any good remedies to help. Health Question & Answer

There is such a thing as emergency oral surgery. It may cost more but I know tooth pain and it's no laughing matter. I think you need to call you oral surgeon and let them know of your circumstances. (although I'm sure they are well aware of it) You are preggers you're situation with popping painkillers is a little different than the normal person. Get on top of them about it and talk to your regular doctor about anyone else they can suggest to get it taken care of ASAP. The 22nd is going to feel like an eternity if your teeth hurt this bad.
Keep in mind, for some reason doctors become desensitized towards their patients at times, you need to let them know that you need a solution NOW!!!

PS. you can use a hot compress to put over your cheeks this will help eliviate some discomfort and soothe. Cold compress will also numb the area out. I did a combo of this before and after my wisdom teeth surgery. Best of luck!!Health Question & Answer

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