Stuff I Need For My Braces?!

Question: Stuff I Need For My Braces.?
I'm having braces in early December , and I need to know the stuff I need , like a special toothbrush.?
Thanks :DHealth Question & Answer

- travel toothbrush, travel toothpaste, and wax (create a little kit to carry around with you with essentials... include your elastics if you are wearing them)
- proxyl brush (it is a small brush that looks like a christmas tree head - it fits between the wires and brackets)
- regular toothbrush, soft
- non-whitening toothpaste
- mouthwash, preferably ACT or another type that has added fluoride
- Peroxyl Mouthwash is the best on the market for mouthsores, very comforting and soothing... but it is not a fluoride wash, just an antiseptic
- chapstick (this is REALLY REALLY important!!)
- dental wax (you should be able to get plenty of this free from your orthodontist)
- threader floss OR waxed floss and floss threaders
- advil/ tynellol/ aspirin (some OTC painkiller)
- oragel (this helps with sores that just don't seem to go away)
- waterpick (these are nice when it is too painful to floss, but not required... and the cheap one from wal-mart will do!)

Your orthodontist will probably give you a kit when you leave the office, not to mention give you all the "rules" for proper hygenine and stuff... so you don't really have to worry. I got all the basics from the ortho the day I got mine, however I had most of the full-sized items at home already (my roommate in college went through braces).

After a couple of weeks, you will figure out exactly what you need to carry around with you and what you can leave at home. I carry basics either in my purse/ backpack and I also have a set in my desk at work. Health Question & Answer

Most offices will offer a special electric brush that they sell specifically for ppl with braces. If you're doesn't you can find it online, its called a Rotadent.

You should also get a water pick, it shoots water around your gums and in between teeth to help remove food debris that you might have missed while brushing.Health Question & Answer

I would talk to your ortho because when I got my braces they gave me a starter kit to help and a list of stuff you can't eat or what you should get so wait intil you get them or when you see your ortho next
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