Nervous about getting my silver fillings replaced tomorrow? I have 3 cracks in that tooth?!

Question: Nervous about getting my silver fillings replaced tomorrow.? I have 3 cracks in that tooth.?
I'm getting really nervous about getting my silver filling replaced tomorrow. I have 3 small cracks in that tooth and I have some constant pain in it already. My dentist says that it can be fixed by just replacing the filling and I guess smoothing out the cracks.
I'm scared that I'm going to have a lot of pain afterwards or something will go wrong and I'll need a root canal or something. Is this a common practice and does it usually work.?
I'm nervous because I just recently had a root canal done on the other side of my mouth and I still haven't fully recovered from that. I haven't been able to chew on the side of the root canal tooth for about a month now. I decided to replace the filling on the other side now instead of waiting for the root canal tooth to heal because I don't want to wait and the cracks get worse and I'll need a root canal on that tooth too. Am I doing the right thing.?Health Question & Answer

If there is a crack in the tooth or filling the best thing to do is to take the old filling out and replace it with a new filling. The reason this is done is because if there is a crack, this can cause flexing in the tooth, which can cause pain. So by placing a whole new filling this will stop the tooth from flexing. The best thing is for the dentist to place a temporary filling in there for now, make sure the pain etc subsides, then resurface the filling at a later stage.

If you are still having problems with the tooth that had the root canal you need to speak with the dentist, you shouldn't be feeling much on that tooth, as the nerve has been removed. My only thought is the filling that they put on that tooth maybe a little high still, so just get them to check it. Don't be shy when you go to the dentist, as them any questions that you may have so that your not left feeling confused and annoyed. And if something doesn't feel right you also tell them. But otherwise you should be fine getting the filling done.

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