Cavities?? 10 points for best answer!!!?!

Question: Cavities.?.? 10 points for best answer!!!.?
Well I know i have cavities already cuz when sometimes i drink something or eat. my teeth feel all wierd and hurt but im not going back to the dentist in a long time so is there any way i can make i go away before i go to the dentist.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

Not really. Just brush really well and try some mouthwash(Act is really good).That will prevent you from getting anymore.

Hope i helped!Health Question & Answer

You need to go to the dentist!
there is no other way to get rid of the cavity. It is better to go when the cavity first appears then wait and have it get big and turn into a root canal.Health Question & Answer

No....they will only get must go to the dentist (the doctor of teeth) to get them repaired or they will rot away....Health Question & Answer

Nope. Brush your teeth alot-- you can use pain relieving pastes and gels from the drugstore to deal with the pain until you can get in...but SADLY they won't "heal".

Good luck!!!Health Question & Answer

nope. once you have a cavity it cant go away.Health Question & Answer

brush your teeth a lot then it might work but chances are your pretty musch screwed Health Question & Answer

Brush ur teeth really good...and a floss....and a mouthwash....Health Question & Answer

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