How much does teeth whitening cost?!

Question: How much does teeth whitening cost.?
I got a free trial of Celebrity Bright teeth whitening kit and it worked really well, only had to pay like $5 shipping.

Got the whitening kit, tooth brush, tooth paste and floss.

Heres their site if you want to check it out: Question & Answer

It's pretty expensive, but varies by dental office.
My solution, swish your teeth with hydrogen peroxide. Just and effective and a whole lot cheaper and does the trick. You should see results in a few days to a week.Health Question & Answer

350 at our office! Zoom! 2 Whitening! Best deal in the US!

www.waterwaydental.comHealth Question & Answer

Brush with Bicarbonate of soda, Its readily available from any superstore and completely safe.

Works a treat.
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depends where in the world you are but nobody has totally white teeth!...the stains life throws at us! Good Luck :0)Health Question & Answer


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