Where to get antibiotics? Tooth infected?!

Question: Where to get antibiotics.? Tooth infected.?
My teeth are killing me but I don't have the money to go to the dentist and get the prescription .I know what is wrong but the denist will want to take Xrays and be pushy about needing a root canal which is about $800 and I do not have insurance.Does anyone have any ideas.?Health Question & Answer

if you dont have insurance the health department should be able to help you ... or do like a friend of mine did ... he went to the emergency room and they gave him antibiotics and he skipped out on the bill ...Health Question & Answer

Around my town you can call your physician and tell them you have an abscess and can't get a dentist appointment for two weeks. Usually they give antibiotics. But you must at least have a dentist appointment to tell them about when you call. The only thing you can do after that is save and get a root canal. Do try the Health Department nearby. If you live in a small town you might have to go to another Health Dept like I did with my child but it only cost $26 for a filling for him. By the way they might not do root canals, only pull the tooth or try to fill it they wouldn't do one on my child.Health Question & Answer

Dentist gave me them, he gave me 3 lots of anti biotics, and free. I got a gum infection and it affected 2 teeth, which I had to have root canaled, then soon I have to go to hospital to have cyst cut out of gum. He gave me 1 lot of anti biotics first, and just gave me 2 more lots now ive had the work finished on the teeth. This is in UK though.Health Question & Answer

I guess the only alternative you have for now is to go to the ER. they will prescribe you some antib's but will refer you to a dentistHealth Question & Answer

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