How can I stop grinding my teeth? Why do I do it?!

Question: How can I stop grinding my teeth.? Why do I do it.?
I grind my teeth when I sleep and every morning when I wake up, my teeth hurt. I'm starting to get worried because something may eventually happen to them.
also, does grinding teeth signify something.?

And plus, saliva falls out of my mouth when I sleep. How can I stop that.?

Thanks.Health Question & Answer

I grind my teeth and it is related to stress. I bought an appliance that fits over my upper teeth. It acts like a barrier between my bottom and upper teeth and it won't let them touch. If you don't get help for the problem your teeth will either break or be slowly worn away.
Sorry but I don't know how to answer the saliva problem. It might be related to having a stuffy nose and having to sleep with your mouth open...maybe.? Good luck.Health Question & Answer

Teeth grinding is definitely stress related. Try eliminating caffeine and alcohol for several days to see if that helps. Try meditation, exercise, yoga, or tai chai to reduce your stress. If your job is the source consider changing it. Some find L. Theanine capsules taken in the evening help immensely with peaceful sleep. L Theanine is extracted from green tea and has been used widely for decades in Japan and is approved by their health ministry. I find it lowers anxiety, helps promote restful sleep and has little if any side effects. Whole Foods and other health food stores carry it. Health Question & Answer

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