Another question about pain?!

Question: Another question about pain.?
ok i know u have seen me around here alot asking about tooth pain and pains somewhere in the face area well here is another question for you all ok well is it possible to get pains under your chin and behind your ear and in temple and up on the upper check bone cause i get them all pains no dont get me wrong not every min of the day i dont but when i do get it then it start temple,check,ear,chin in that order right now i not having none pain what so ever but as soon as i go in living room and relax on seat the pains start cause this be cause of bad teeth in mouth (trust me i have few need pulled and few need filled (small holes that need fill) but good size holes that need to be pulled so anyways cause all this pain be due to this or no... oh let me remind you that my bad teeth dont hurt when the pain acting up so what causing the pain.?.?Health Question & Answer

This may be a number of may have sinusitis which is why it hurts more when you lie/bend down. Your cheek/head bones are hollow and contain sacks that get infected with out getting too technical!. See a dentist as you will need medication and an examination. The other possibility is you have an abscess and you will also need medication for this. Please see a dentist ASAPHealth Question & Answer

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