Is it normal for a ten year old to get pain when permanant teeth are comming in?!

Question: Is it normal for a ten year old to get pain when permanant teeth are comming in.?
My daughter has both of her canine teeth on the lower jaw comming in at one time. The last couple of days shes been crying with pain, and we've been giving her ibuprophen for pain but it only lasts for a few hours. Is it normal for kids getting the parmanat teeth to be in sooo much pain.?Health Question & Answer

Well it can be painful for some but not for others. But if its so bad keep trying the ibuprofen and some bonjela helps.. But if you are worried its best to call up the dentist and explain. There could be a problem underlying. But its not likely. It might just be that they are pushing on each other which causes more pain. Hope she feels better..Health Question & Answer

Not usually. The ibuprofen is the way to go, but you probably need to be at prescription strength for a short while. Ice will also help. Call you daughter's pediatrician to find the dosage appropriate for your daughter's weight.Health Question & Answer

Yes it's normal but she is being a little sensitive. She doesn't need to cry......Health Question & Answer

yes it is , its called teething and youll feel the urge to bite things..Health Question & Answer

yes it's very painful...Health Question & Answer

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