Im getting a tooth pulled out will it hurt?!

Question: Im getting a tooth pulled out will it hurt.?
i need to get too back tooth pulled out and i grew up really scared of dentist... will it hurt.? whats the procedure.?Health Question & Answer

I really sympathise. I have had all my wisdom teeth removed and the ones in front. First, you need to relax. The dentist will inject an anaesthetic around the tooth. They will then leave it to go numb. Make sure you tell them when you can't feel anything. They will then pull out the tooth. You won't feel it but the noise isn't pleasant and it is a little uncomfortable. When the tooth is out they will pack your tooth with something that looks a little like a tampon to stop the bleeding and you may find your cheek on the side it has been removed will swell up. It won't hurt but when the anaesthetic has worn off you may find you have a dull ache and it is a little sore. Health Question & Answer

No! not these days!

I didn't go to the dentist for 22 years because of fear.

I eventually had to go and had 2 teeth out, one was a wisdom tooth!

My dentist first of all wiped my gum so that the injection wouldn't hurt- it didn't!

After a couple of minutes he pulled the teeth and I was aware of them coming out-but no pain!!!

He said that afterwards I might need pain killers- but I didn't!!

I now go regularly as there is no fear!

You will be fine! Dont worry! Health Question & Answer

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