Aqua Fresh trays for sensitive teeth?!

Question: Aqua Fresh trays for sensitive teeth.?
I cannot use the white strips because they make my teeth hurt so bad after two days that I cannot chew! I wanted to try the trays because they are supposed to be better than the strips for people with sensitive teeth. Does anyone know if they are and how well did they work for you.? I have a wedding in 10 months.Health Question & Answer

I think custom trays (made at a dental office) are generally better for sensitivity because they allow less "bleach" to be in contact with the gums. They also do a better job of whitening because the bleach is in more even contact with the teeth. In addition, the dentist can prescribe a fluoride gel that can be used alternately with the trays to help decrease sensitivity. Congrats on the upcoming wedding.Health Question & Answer

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