I broke my braces only after a week!!?!

Question: I broke my braces only after a week!!.?
One of the teeth in the back hurt really bad so I tried to floss it. I flossed t just like they showed me to and one of my rubber bands flew off and the wire pocked out and is pocking my cheek. I put wax on it and the orthodontist is closed until Tuesday. Will he be mad.? What should I do until Tuesday.?Health Question & Answer

He's not going to be mad, and if he is then you need a new orthodontist! I suggest telling him what happened, and he should understand.

I had braces when I was younger and had these things to help my overbite....I broke them all the time:)Health Question & Answer

no, he will not be mad. in the initial phase this happens.so donot worry about this but now you can not do anything about the wire which is hurting. you have to keep on puttng the wax or call the orthodontist.for more information on braces you can visit the following link
.?ArticleCategoryId=21&Name=Braces" rel="nofollow">http://www.identalhub.com/ArticleSubCate...
further they have the facility for free dental consultation by the dentist
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i messed up my braces constantly when i had them on. my orthodontist didn't even mention it whenever i had my checkups and things had fallen out of place.

i think they expect a bit of wear and tear, especially during the start. Health Question & Answer

i have braces too... just cut the wire, and he will replace it when you next see him,

you can actually put the elastic bands back onm youreself though...

but no, he wont be mad...xHealth Question & Answer

Everyone who has had braces will eventually break one, or, two, or even more. Don't worry it is a very common occurrence.Health Question & Answer

lol why would he get mad.? more money for him.Health Question & Answer

no you are learningHealth Question & Answer

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