Why is my denture loose-fitting only in the morning when I put them in?!

Question: Why is my denture loose-fitting only in the morning when I put them in.?
Well, here I am at the ripe age of twenty, no drug use but pot and cigarettes. And yet, somehow I had to have all of my top teeth removed. An immediate denture installed (this all happened about two months ago.) At first, I had awful sore spots but one re-fitting later, my denture fit like a glove. Or at least, they do during the day and at night. However, in the morning when I go to take them out of the cup and put them in my mouth, they wobble and fall out for the first thirty minutes of my day. Why, why, why.? Are my gums shrinking in the night and then re-expanding when I get up.? What's going on.?Health Question & Answer

because tissue adaptation is vital to denture retention. your gum will settle in a different formation after having the denture out for a while. you may also have a drier mouth in the morning, and this is also a big factor in retention. Cohesion requires fluid to form the seal or vacuum;
I would suggest that you look into some kind of saliva replacement in the mornings, one of my patients likes biotene gel.

but, make sure that you are really hydrated, and have a drink before you put the dentures in. Hope that helpsHealth Question & Answer

Your tissues just shrink at night. They re-swell once your dentures are back in. To increase stability, consider retro fitting your denture with some mini dental implants. They let your denture snap into place, and stay put.Health Question & Answer

LOL - that happens to me too! But I am 27, had the top and bottom taken out due to dry month. I just always assumed that I didn't get a good suction going since I don't use anything to keep them in. Health Question & Answer

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