How can I get whiter teeth without buying crest white strips or getting them professionally done?!

Question: How can I get whiter teeth without buying crest white strips or getting them professionally done.?
Get some peroxide and use it as a mouth rinse.
Peroxide whitens them cheaply. It explains how to do it on the bottle so it's safe!

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Yeah, they have this new stuff from colgate that you can add to your toothpaste and it whitens teeth. It's a whitening booster, so it works better with whitening toothpaste. I got some recently because it seemed pretty legit and it was a lot cheaper than white strips.
So far it works really well, but only if I use it every doesn't seem to keep my teeth white unless I use it, but it definitely works. So yeah, you can get whiter teeth.Health Question & Answer

Tooth whitening pen is a trayless tooth whitening product you enjoy using while on the move.You can use this innovative click-pen(tooth whitening pen) and powerful whitening formulation as a front-line whitening system or as a touch-up gel to keep your teeth their whitest.
Tooth whitening is exactly what you need.For details visit Question & Answer

Lemon juice, baking soda or baking powder can also be used for teeth whitening. Strawberries are natural teeth whiteners, simply rub them directly on your teeth or mash into a paste and apply. Apple cider vinegar can also be used for teeth whitening.More remedies and information regarding your teeth at http://useinfo-teethwhitening.blogspot.c...Health Question & Answer

get charcoal and srcub it with your teethHealth Question & Answer

they have mouth wash that works wonders for me
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