Wisdom tooth giving me pain but no denist what can i do ?!

Question: Wisdom tooth giving me pain but no denist what can i do .?
hi there im 21 and my wisdom tooth top right has been giving me so much pain latley swelled right up cant chew even to swallow anything is sore
my problem is i live in cornwall and dentists down here have waiting list for years as theres not many of them and i dont have 1 im also on benefits and cant afford to go private what should i do im in so much pain here please help Health Question & Answer

Chances are you are suffering from pericoronitis. Partial eruption of a wisdom tooth can create a flap of gum tissue next to the tooth. The flap can trap food particles and debris. It can turn into a hotbed for bacteria so the tissue around the tooth becomes inflamed.
Pericoronitis can be managed with antibiotics and warm salt water rinses. It should go away in about one week. However, if the tooth does not completely erupt and food and bacteria keep building up under the gum, pericoronitis will more than likely return.
You can help to prevent pericoronitis by brushing lightly any erupting wisdom tooth and flossing around it. This will help make sure that food and bacteria do not build up under the gums. A dentist would really do you the right treatment but since it doesn't seems feasible, I know others that would treat them with warm towel over the area and taking pain medications like motrin.Health Question & Answer

dentists may have a wait list to get in for an extensive appointment, but i've never heard of a dentist that will not see someone in pain, to at least prescribe something. however, being the weekend (most dentists are closed), you should go to the hospital. if there is swelling around the tooth, it is likely you have an infection there, and that needs to be addressed with antibiotics asap, before that infection spreads to other areas. even if it is not infected, it sounds like it is impacted. unfortunately, the only way to solve that problem is to have it extracted. if you don't, the swelling and pain will just keep coming back time again. Health Question & Answer

is there an emergency dentist in your area.? call nhs direct and they can tell you. to ease the pain take ibuprofen and paracetamol but space them out so its like ibruprofen first and paracetamol 2 hours later. also try codine and paracetamol from the chemist. they are not expensive. also get some clove oil and keep dabbing it on the tooth. it tastes crap but it helps. also get some ambasol gel, that helps too, and get one of them wheat bags that you put in thje microwave to warm up and hold it on your face. Health Question & Answer

I don't know if this will help, but anything this simple is worth a shot. If your tooth is pushing against another tooth, you may just want to try 4 ibuprofen (Advil). My dentist told me that 4 over-the-counter ibuprofen is equivalent to 1 prescribed motrin.

If you're experiencing infection, a friend said that if you put an unused teabag in your mouth around the area of the tooth, the tea draws out infection and puss. I've never tried this, but she swears by it.Health Question & Answer

I cannot believe what I am reading here. You are in a developed country and can't even get help when you have a medical problem. This is unacceptable. Is the pain from the tooth emerging or is is decaying.? It may work itself out if it is erupting, try ibuprofen for the pain and inflammation. I had a lot of pain with my bottom left one. If it is unbearable I suggest you go to an emergency clinic of some kind.Health Question & Answer

Have no choice...need to call and state it's an emergency. Sounds like you have an abscess. Don't hesitate any infection in your mouth is very close to the brain and can cause serous medical problems.

also, in the meantime, use orajel, or something similar to help with the pain. Brush teeth with hyrdrogen peroxide (I know this sounds crazy) and also with Salt and Baking Soda it will help with the infection. Rinse with warm salt water often throughout the day.Health Question & Answer

Nurofen express is excellent for dental pain and you could get some anbosol liquid to numb the area.

You can go to A and E.Health Question & Answer

Go to another city and see a dentist there. As for the financial part, ask your parents for some money and repay them later.Health Question & Answer

Go to Truro Hospital A&E they will be able to sort out dental treatment for you especially as you are in a lot of pain.Health Question & Answer

get some string tie one end to the door and the other to your tooth and close the door! voilaHealth Question & Answer

there will be emergency treatment available...contact N.H.S. Direct.Health Question & Answer

try going to your local A+E. Nurefren is the best for this kind of pain. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

Call NHS Direct and they will get you an appointment with an emergency Dentist.Health Question & Answer

Try to get some bonjela gel NOW eg Tescos. That will help till monday. Your PCT should have an emergency dentist.Health Question & Answer

Go to the hospital!Health Question & Answer

go to the hospitalHealth Question & Answer

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