When I brush my teeth, I sometimes vomit a little and my gums bleed?!

Question: When I brush my teeth, I sometimes vomit a little and my gums bleed.?
How can I prevent this.? Before this, my breath was fine but my family say that my breathe smells bad now. I KNOW it's because my gums bleed and that I tend to gag a bit during brushing teeth. However, I can chew gum, eat mints, or consume anything minty and I don't gag. Just brushing my teeth.
How can I prevent this.? Please don't recommend the dentist, it's the last thing I'll do if I can't stop this.
Thank you.Health Question & Answer

well sometimes your gums bleed if you haven't been brushing them enough
so continue with brushing & don't stick your toothbrush too far back because that can make you gag
remember to floss every day
good luckHealth Question & Answer

I'm reading this and thinking several things...you are brushing your teeth and gums too HARD, your toothbrush bristles are too hard, you should be using soft bristles and have you changed your diet.? If none of these things, grit your teeth and see your dentist...better to do it now than put it off...Health Question & Answer

i know why your gums bleed... they bleed because you don't brush your teeth enough, or push to hard... but its not a bad thing when your gums bleed...
hold your nose,
you might get sick because of the bloodHealth Question & Answer

maybe you're brushing too far back and thats making you gag.. and your gums mite bleed if theres plaque around them and theyre not being brushed enough or the right wayHealth Question & Answer

yuck!=[Health Question & Answer

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