Urgent Brace Trouble !?!

Question: Urgent Brace Trouble !.?
My sixteen old sister who lives with me recently got her blue spacers for her teeth , She was eating about 10 minutes ago and her spacer came out. I phoned the orthodontist and it wasn't open. Can she put the spacer back in herself if not .. Could she wait over night until tomarrow or might her teeth close back together .?Health Question & Answer

dont worry if it falls out, when she goes back to the orthodontist they'll either replace it or put the braces in
hope that helpedHealth Question & Answer

Does the orthodontist have a website.? If so, perhaps you could send an email explaining the problem and wait for a reply or maybe this question will be addressed in the FAQ b/c I'm sure it's happened to other patients as well. If all else fails, check out the internet for a website that will address this issue. But, to answer your initial question, I would definitely not attempt to put the spacer back. I think your sister will be o.k. until she can get in touch with the orthodontist office. Don't worry, teeth do not close together that quickly. It takes several weeks if not months for that to happen. But, don't delay, do call the orthodontist as soon as practicable. Good luck! Hope this helps you and your sister.Health Question & Answer

she might mess up her teeth if she does it herself. I don't think that it would close up overnight but if it did then the orthodontist could fix it.
but she could permanently mess up her teeth if she does it herself
don't try it Health Question & Answer

take 2 pieces of floss (one wrapped around each finger) with the spacer in the middle give it a good stretch and floss the spacer back inbetween the teeth.Health Question & Answer

It'll be fine to wait until the Orthodontist can put it back, teeth don't move that quickly.Health Question & Answer

i think its highly unlikely that they will move in one night. dont worry it can wait.Health Question & Answer

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