So, who has gotten their wisdom teeth removed?!

Question: So, who has gotten their wisdom teeth removed.?
I'm getting all four extracted in a couple of days and, yeah, I'm quite nervous (borderline freaking out).

How was your experience.? How long did you experience pain.? ...When did you eat solid/hard foods again.?Health Question & Answer

I also had my wisdom teeth pulled out my senior year and they were impacted. It was all 4 at the same time.
Don't freak out. For me, it didn't even hurt. As long as you have good medication/painkillers for after, you're going to be FINE =]. The trick is to take your medication 20 minutes before your next dosage so you don't feel any pain. also, DON'T skip medication, even if you think you're fine because you're still going to feel some discomfort after.
Eat only cold things that day and the next day hot things. Make sure to an ice pack on your cheeks right after the extraction so the swelling can go down and you can start eating solid foods like a month after without feeling anything.
Don't be nervous when your getting it done though because I was and I had to get extra anesthesia LOL.
Good luck! =]Health Question & Answer

I had my wisdom teeth removed my senior year. They were impacted so I had to have the surgery but I will say the pain was terrible. I know everyone is different but my pain was really bad. The dentists is good though to give pain medicine. I remember the swelling I didn't see right away but after a day or so oh yeah I was a chipmunk. The worst part is after the bruising (some I read don't get it) went it heals having your cheeks that old bruise yellow color is yucky.

Dont worry you'll be fine and comfortable. You have to keep your mouth clean and start off slow with popiscles and broth.

Hope this helps and good luck with everything Health Question & Answer

well i didnt have all four removed at once, but i have had 3 removed all on 3 seperate occassions.
i was awake for this entire process every time. the experience was pretty good. the dentist who did it was really good. he made the tiem relaxing. the pain for one last two another lasted a couple days and the other lasted a week. make sure u take pain meds on schedule skipping a dose is bad. i was eating solid food the next day.

when my brother had all four of his removed he wasnt in that much pain he was completely out of it and he didnt have solid food for a week and half
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All four of mine were bony impacted. I had very swollen and bruised cheeks for about a week. I didn't eat substantial food for about 2 weeks afterward. You shouldn't expect it to be that bad if the teeth are erupted into your mouth.Health Question & Answer

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