People who have had their wisdom teeth out I need answers?!

Question: People who have had their wisdom teeth out I need answers.?
monday im getting all 4 wisdom teeth out, awake

tuesday ive got a college exam and work afterwards

how bad will i feel the next day and can i still focus on my exam
or shoudl i the wisdom teeth thing to another dateHealth Question & Answer

I had my wisdom teeth out in July (3 of them) My advice to you is to wait a bit before you have them removed. It is painful the first day or two and you will want pain medicane....I have pain meds but had to take some. This medicine will make you tired and you may not be very alert. Ask your dentist but I think they will tell you the same thing. Good Luck.Health Question & Answer

You should schedule your wisdom teeth to come out after your exam and work. You will be in NO shape to work or to focus on a college exam after you have done this. In 1996, I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out, and it took approximately about 1 week to get out of pain, and to be able to eat properly again. I hop that this helps you. I had to be on codeine 3 for about a week.Health Question & Answer

It really depends how it goes, my little sister had her wisdom teeth out and she was fine the next day with out much pain. I had mine out and things went bad, I wasn't able to eat for over a month. If you are going to be awake then it sounds like your teeth are not impacted and the surgery should be simple, but take into account that some people take surgery harder than others.

If I was you, I would move the surgery. Wait until you have time to spend at least one day in bed resting, the pain pill will make you want to sleep and no matter how good things go, you will want to take them.

*^_^*Health Question & Answer

Schedule them after your exam when you have about 4 or 5 days to lay low. You won't really be able to eat much, so your energy levels will be a little low, on top of that they give you pain meds to cope with the pain so you'll most likely be a little groggy. You may swell up a bit. Keep in mind you are having your mouth cut open so yea it can be pretty uncomfortable after wards. Health Question & Answer

I had all four out. Do they need to cut them out or can they just yank them.? I had all mine just pulled out and that first day was miserable. I just sat all day with gauze in my mouth and doped up on pain pills. The second day I felt a little better but not doing well enough for an exam and work. I would try to reschedule your exam and take off work. By the third day I was functional again. Everyone is different though, but I know that second day I still needed the pain pills and was very fatigued. Good luck manHealth Question & Answer

yeah i have the same problem, wisdom teeth pushing up against other teeth messing them up, my mouth is small, they havent come out but they are pushing against the other teeth and they will need to cut, ouch, anyways, im scheduled after exams because it would be crazy to even risk being groggy, if you cant reschedule i would talk to your professor, because you may not be able to function.Health Question & Answer

are you in pain now.? if not I would change the date. You could be perfectly fine, but it is a 50/50 shot. plus, you will be on pain meds, and that will make it harder to focusHealth Question & Answer

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