How long do you usually have to wear power chains for?!

Question: How long do you usually have to wear power chains for.?
I have had braces since August 25th of this year. For the last couple of visits so for the past 10 weeks i have had to wear power chains. Last time i could not choose colors because they didn't have a power chain in any color but purple that would fit my upper teeth and braces. I had 4 teeth plus 4 wisdom teeth pulled in August. So why do i need power chains this early.? And if you had them how long did you have to wear them for.? Health Question & Answer

They are trying to get the teeth to move together. Now is the time, why would you want the teeth to get settled in the wrong positions.?

Having your wisdom teeth pulled doesn't really have any effect on your ortho, its just nice to get them out of the way while you were having the other surgery done.Health Question & Answer

oh! what a embarasing moment!!!! i have no idea what a "power chain" is, well, i do not understand your question (as you've noticed, i'm learning english). but anyway, GOOD NIGHT!

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