Do I need braces??? HELP!!?!

Question: Do I need braces.?.?.? HELP!!.?
Ok. About a year ago I went to the ortho and they told me that I didn't need braces. Excited, I didn't worry about until about two weeks ago when a girl that I know said "I didn't know you had a gap between your top front teeth." I talked to my mom and she is taking me to the ortho on wednesday. The gap is the size of 0.9 pencil lead. Do I need braces.? What do you think the orthodontist will say.?Health Question & Answer

is the girl an ortho.?no so dont listen to her listen to what ur ortho told u
i dont think u need them though unless it was a gap the size of ur finger so wait until u go and c wat he/she will tell u :]Health Question & Answer

It doesn't sound like you need braces, its more a question of whether you think its worth it. I'm not sure how big the gap is (I don't know the pencil size thing you were talking about), but if the girl said that she didn't know you had a gap, its probably not very noticeable. If you have straight teeth except for the gap, I'd say braces aren't worth it. Health Question & Answer

they might just put braces on your two front teeth - maybe four - to pull them together. i have braces and i had a gap way bigger, bout double yours, and they put a chain (a rubber band shaped like an 8) on my two front teeth and when i got to school, 40 minutes later, everyone was saying, Your gap is gone!!! :) ask your ortho bout getting a chain.Health Question & Answer

Definitely not. If you do have a gap, it's not a big deal. If it's something that bothers you though, the ortho should suggest a retainer that you can wear at night that will decrease the gap over time, until eventually it's gone.Health Question & Answer

well, i have a gap, but i have braces because my bottom row is crooked, and my 2 front teeth, were up, and "out"... so, you might, but with all of the new "technology" that orthodontists have now, they might give you something else. good luckHealth Question & Answer

Does your gap really bother you .?
Cause if it doesnt you dont need to get any .
I have the same problem but the gap doesnt
bother me .
You dont need to change for others.Health Question & Answer

I loved "The Gap" their best song was "Party Train" it, great song..Health Question & Answer

the ortho is the expert, not the lil girl. if he says you dont, you dont.Health Question & Answer

You don't need braces if the ortho said so. But if the gap bothers you, then you should get them. :]Health Question & Answer

If that is the only thing wrong with your teeth then I'd say that you don't need braces.Health Question & Answer

I don't think you need braces if they ortho said you didn't.Health Question & Answer

well u might need something other than braces, but the girl might not know what shes talking about.Health Question & Answer

oh my god, yes...quickly Health Question & Answer

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