Earaches after wisdom teeth extraction?!

Question: Earaches after wisdom teeth extraction.?
I have earaches from having my wisdom teeth removed. Two where pulled (the top) and the bottom ones they went for not through like the top but it seems like through the side of my mouth if that makes sense. Like i was worried about a dry socket but realized there is no socket, just stitches kinda where the gum and my jaw/ gum meets. Now my like cheeks are swollen in one spot, like there's something in my cheeks. Do you think i have an infection.? whats going on.? I haven't gone for the follow up yet.Health Question & Answer

I wouldn't worry about it. If you put your hand on the outside of your mouth, where the wisdom teeth were, you will find that it is awfully close to your ear or ears. I'm sure you're fine. It's just a crappy thing to go through. Follow Docs instructions and take all the Antibiotics that he prescribed.Health Question & Answer

no idea because i got all 4 pulled at the same time and nothing happened and i went to school the next day and no one noticed anything. I agree thats its probably not a dry socket. Infection is possible. OR it might it might just be normal swelling, everyone reacts differentlyHealth Question & Answer

totally normal don't worry about itHealth Question & Answer

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