Parts of my tooth chipped away? what happened?!

Question: Parts of my tooth chipped away.? what happened.?
i was chewing my gum and i chewed something hard, and i thought it was a rock but it end up being part of my tooth! i looked under the mirror and i had gold filling for my cavity long time ago and on the side part tooth has broke into part.

i'm kind of scared, i know i'm going to see dentist but am i in big trouble.? i don't drink sodaHealth Question & Answer

Same thing happened to me! I went to the dentist and he told me I need to get a crown on that tooth. :) No biggie! Go to your dentist and get it checked out!Health Question & Answer

Hah your dentist probabally won't be mad at you. Often times teeth become brittle over time, and some peoples teeth decays faster than others. It most likely isn't your fault, but still get it checked of course.Health Question & Answer

That's just tooth decay. It happens to almost everyone. Early decay can be hereditary. Or you might just have to take better care of your teeth.Health Question & Answer

it is from grinding or something really hard it can be fixedHealth Question & Answer

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