Why have I got tooth ache?!

Question: Why have I got tooth ache.?
Is there some sort of diagnosis or condition where part of your jaw is extra sensitive & pretty much IMMUNE to any anesthetics!

I had to have 3 teeth out to make room for my braces, two of them were fine, but the tooth that was being pulled out from the bottom left of my jaw caused me so much pain and I could feel everything...DESPITE BEING NUMBED THREE TIMES!

I also had to have a small filling due to decay caused by the braces, the dentist said it didn't even need to be numbed because it wasn't bad. It was on the same side where I had problems before (bottom left) and would you believe it, the anesthetics didn't work and I was yet again in a great deal of pain for the whole of the procedure ??

I look after my teeth really well and they've stayed in pretty good condition. The rest of my jaw is fine when it's numbed! I don't have any other problems with it normally! It's so weird, is it just my weird mouth 0.0
Or is there generally a reason for my excruciating pain ??Health Question & Answer

Some anesthetics work differently on different people. Ask your dentist what kind of anesthetic he used, chances are he will have up to 5 or 6 different kinds of anesthetic. Maybe you are insensitive to a specific anesthetic. Some anesthetics have epinephrine added to them to increase efficacy. Often if there is "incomplete numbness" it will be on the lower jaw. This can be because of anatomical variation, dentist error (didn't get anesthetic close enough to the nerve), etc.
Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

May be the anesthesia could not be put in proper position. This happens sometimes as the shot could not be injected in the nerve so the numbing solution was not affective. For more information on dental topics you can visit the following very informative website..http://www.identalhub.comHealth Question & Answer

it could be that the anesthetics didn't travel towards that area or the dentist didn't inject a lotHealth Question & Answer

Maybe because of the cold!Health Question & Answer

hmmm not sure what it could be, i think you need to go to the dentist. good luckHealth Question & Answer

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