Is there a toothpaste available...........?!

Question: Is there a toothpaste available............?
That does NOT have fluoride in it please.Health Question & Answer

There are many toothpaste brands which donot have fluoride. For more on tooth pastes you can read the following.. Question & Answer

yes..I suggest you go a a health store. You would have to look on the box to see which ones do and do not.

Toms of Maine,kiss my face, jason, are a couple brands

The Toms of Maine that I get at Walmart is Fluoride and SLS free.Health Question & Answer

Toothpaste made for children found in any drugstore, grocerystore, Walmart, Target, Kmart etc. Just read the ingredients to see if there is any if in doubt. That being said, unless its for a child who might swallow it you really should use toothpaste with fluoride in it as it helps remineralize your teeth after the damage of the acids from foods and drink have done their damage.Health Question & Answer

Yes but they're useless. Your teeth will rot. Fluoride is good; it's even found naturally in tea...Health Question & Answer

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