Why would eye teeth die?!

Question: Why would eye teeth die.?
I took my 16 year old daughter to the dentist today and they told us that her eye teeth have died. We noticed that one of them had turned slightly gray in color a few months ago. She has had no trauma to her mouth. She said that nerve damage can happen when you get braces, but she has had them off for 2 years. She has been on minocycline for acne for 3 years, could that cause damage to the teeth.? She is scared to death that it could happen to other teeth as well. Has anyone else had this happen.?Health Question & Answer

If she has had no trauma then it could be from braces. Just because she got the braces off 2 years ago does not mean that the nerve of the tooth just recently died. It could have happened when the braces were on and it is just being diagnosed now. Have the dentist take xrays of the other teeth to see it other teeth have been damaged to be sure it has not happened to other teeth. I have seen it happen to other patients although not very often. It is a risk of having braces and would not warrant malpractice on the part of the person who did the braces.Health Question & Answer

Most likely it happens if you hit them on something and get nerve damage. It MIGHT be a reaction to chemicals, but because she's had braces, you might want to look into that. *lawsuit*Health Question & Answer

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