My gums are really sore ?!

Question: My gums are really sore .?
ive always been one to brush floss and use mouth wash every day, and look after my teeth, i had my second baby 10 weeks ago. although the last two weeks one of my teeth at the bottom is really sore and the gum is receading around it , i bought listerine mouthwash yesterday is there anything on the market thats any good.? i really dont want to go dentist, i know your teeth can play up once you have give birth, my gum is not sore or red just receading, please help as im worried my tooth wil fall out!!Health Question & Answer

There could be a number of reasons you have pain in your teeth and gums problems. The one I would probably say is causing your problems is that you are brushing to hard. I do the same thing and sometimes my gums are so sore and they are receding a little bit. Another problem is that during pregnancy it is very common to get gingivitis, an irritation of the gums. Over time the the inflammation will cause deep pockets between the tooth and gum allowing bacteria to get into that causing pain and sometimes loose teeth. The best care is of course going to the dentist regularly but there are some things you can do at home.
Brush your teeth with a toothpaste that has sage or peppermint oil
to reduce any swelling in your mouth make a homemade saline solution. lukewarm water and a pinch of salt. gargle a couple times of day.
use an antibacterial mouth wash
Hope I helped!!!!!Health Question & Answer

hello, i'm currently in my second pregnancy and i've had so many problems with my teeth. i don't think there's anything you can buy to help with your problem, its strange that your gum would be receading around just one tooth but i think the only option you have is to go to your dentist. if left, and it kept receading then the tooth would at least become loose. why don't you want to go to the dentist.? don't you like them.? believe me i've slightly overcome my fear of the dentist especially with the pain i've been in lately through putting off going, its not worth it in the long run. hope you get it sortedHealth Question & Answer

All these mouthwashes are o.k. but in my opinion the best and cheapest way to keep health in your mouth is by swishing around warm salt water after brushing your teeth, and a few times a day if there are any sores present. My daughter often had sore gums and after a few days of using the salt water treatement the gums were o.k. again. The water should be warmish not hot - the salt amount about 1/2 t.s.p. or less to 1/2 cup of water, if that makes you gag just add a bit more water. Try itHealth Question & Answer

You really should go to the dentist to get an antibiotic placed under your gum. It really works, otherwise the tooth will continue to loosen and probably fall out.Congratulations on the birth of both babies!!!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

If you're really worried about your tooth, you need to see the dentist. I know, I hate dentists, too. And believe me, my story is worse than yours!

Receding gums is the #1 reason for losing your teeth. If you go in now, they can do a gum graft. Your tooth will be hugged in tight, protected from your mouth's bacteria.

TX Mom

PS I'm proud of you! Brushing, flossing, mouthwashing!!! BOO YAH!!Health Question & Answer

Um if it was that bad you WOULD go to the dentist

Stop wasting peoples timeHealth Question & Answer

it wont fall outHealth Question & Answer

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