Why does my molar which has been root canaled and waiting to be capped has recently been aching? ?!

Question: Why does my molar which has been root canaled and waiting to be capped has recently been aching.? .?
i thought that after a root canal there are no nerves left.? it REALLY hurts, just like it did when it had a bad cavity in the first placeHealth Question & Answer

there may be a root fracture or a lateral canal
have your dentist look at this

If this was indeed done 1 year ago and there was no crown to protect the tooth then a root fracture is likely and the tooth may need extraction.Health Question & Answer

Oh yeh, the "possible fracture" answer is right on the money,,,that is why the endodontist tells you to get a crown,(cap) right away. You are lucky it lasted this long, and that the whole teeth didn't crack in half right away.
It is a misconception that "because the root is gone, it won't hurt",,,yes, that particular type of pain shouldn't reoccur, but the outer part of the tooth is still alive......PLUS,,,sometimes, a tiny bit of nerve was left in, and is still infected, and can cause it to need to be redone. HOWEVER, that scenario probably would have occurred long ago.
The FRACTURE of the root is highly likely at this point.
And/or,,,,,,you could have a cavity in the outer live part of the tooth......Health Question & Answer

If you JUST got it done it can still be sore due to all its been through. If by the time you go back for the permanent crown and it still hurts.. then they may need to make sure that they got all the nerve out. It is normal for it to hurt for a few days after a root canal though.Health Question & Answer

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