Having a metal taste in my mouth.?!

Question: Having a metal taste in my mouth..?
What is it, that would cause you to have a taste of metal in your mouth. I have an infection in my sinuses near my ear, and my ear has been hurting, but now my mom is wondering about if I have a bad tooth, which I do, but why the taste of metal.?

Another question, I think I read or heard somewhere that arsenic would leave a metal taste in the mouth, is that true.?Health Question & Answer

Are you on any medications.?Many can cause a metallic taste in your mouth.Arsenic smells like almonds(don't know the taste)Iron from blood will leave a metallic taste also.Are your gums bleeding.?Are you having any nose-bleeds.If you have a silver(amalgam)filling this will not leave a metallic taste after the fact...Hope this helpsHealth Question & Answer

something probably cut your mouth.. It tastes really bad i know .. you can try brushing your teeth. Prevent getting fillings by flossing daily and mouth wash. My sister uses crest white strips and her teeth look beautiful. Have fun keeping your teeth nice. Mouth wash may sting when you have a cut in your mouth make sure not to swallow it
!! :]]Health Question & Answer

Well there's iron in your blood and so if you cut something in your mouth that's the metal taste, your blood. But idk about the arsenic question..... :)Health Question & Answer

Gingivitis could cause gum bleeding and oxidized blood could tasted like metal - rust.Health Question & Answer

liquid from your spine may b dripping through something in yourselfHealth Question & Answer

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