What are some good ways to whiten your teeth?!

Question: What are some good ways to whiten your teeth.?
Go to the tanning bed....the contrast makes your teeth look whiter.

The dentist can give you whitening trays; they're about $300.

The strips work (crest whitening strips etc.). I know ppl who've used them. But I've tried to use them at different times in the past & it's not something I could ever stick to - i never got more routine than two nights in a row.

Use whitening toothpaste - I've always used it over the years, and my new dentist was surprised that I smoke b/c my teeth were so white.Health Question & Answer

brush your teeth with baking soda every night before you go to bed...Health Question & Answer

White stripsHealth Question & Answer

brush on a regular basis,don't smoke,etcHealth Question & Answer

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