Hi i want to be a dentist so...?!

Question: Hi i want to be a dentist so....?
shoiuld i major in biology or premed.? for undergrad.?Health Question & Answer

If you want a family and want to be rich while still young.. be a Dentist.. BECAUSE I AM GOING TO BE THAT AS WELL! My uncle is 27 and is a Dentist. He is living large and is making a bunch of money. He recently bought a car for my grandpa for Christmas! I am double majoring in BioChemistry. Or you can just major in Biology, minor in chemistry, or do one or the other. I also heard that Dental school accepts people of math majors, which is wierd. But the pre req. for dental school is 4+ semesters of biology - including histology and 4 semesters of chemistry - gen chem and organic chem. .. physics, etc.. sciency stuff.Health Question & Answer

I majored in Pre-Dental(probably the same as Pre-Med)but when I worked at UT Dental School teaching DAU(Dental Assisting Utilization)I met many students that had only done Pre-law and Pre-Ed.They were still required to take some sciences but did well on the DAT(Dental Admittance Exam)Though I was good at Dentistry some sciences were not my forte.So I found out what classes they required(like comparative anatomy ect.)and took those while just doing easy pre-law or ed.I was anxious to get into Dental School after being a Dental Hygienist after 8yrs.Did well on the DAT but they still required some more science.In any other countries you are allowed to get into your major immediately like Dentistry without wasting time on prerequisites.Go Pre-med/pre-dental but you can get around it with just Pre-law or Ed....Health Question & Answer

Study "Torture With Cotton Wool, Conversation and Electric Drills."Health Question & Answer

Go for premed...Health Question & Answer

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