Question About My Palate Expander!?!

Question: Question About My Palate Expander!.?
I'm in Drama Club with a big part in school but I just got a stupid palate expander that causes me to sound like a moron when I talk! Now, my biggest issue is using the long 'e' and 'i' sounds! I'm also having big time trouble with mixing sounds like cr and ing.

Anyone who has/had an expander have any tricks on how to say those sounds, or how to talk with it period.? I'm so frustrated that I've been crying and screaming! =(Health Question & Answer

Hey, i recently got an expander and i am having trouble taking too.
I think practicing the letters you arn't very good at will help. Try putting your tongue in different places when you say the letters.
Talk slower, it helps me.
Once you can say the sounds of the letters, say words with that sound in it.
Practice and you will get better.
Good luck with your drama!Health Question & Answer

The best way to get better at talking is just to talk with it in a lot. then your mouth can get used to it. Try reading a book aloud.Health Question & Answer

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