Filling from a root canal fell out . ?!

Question: Filling from a root canal fell out . .?
theres a huge whole you can see down into where my bones are at the roots! what do i need to do.?.?.? is the bacteria bad, can i get mouth diseases. can i use mouth wash.Health Question & Answer

I am a dental nurse in the Uk and firstly, its probably not the whole root canal filling that has came out only the filling on top. The root canal filling is made up or an orange stuff called gutta percha and then bonded in using very very strong adhesive. You should go to the dentist to get it checked and re filled but if you cant for a while then the best solution is to brush very well twice a day and use a mouth rinse morning and night containing chlorhexidine and hold it in that area for one whole minute. You shouldn't get any pain since the tooth is already dead and been root filled. Hope this helps.Health Question & Answer

Go see your dentist, what are you doing sitting at the computer.?!Health Question & Answer

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