Do you have to be a certain age to get teeth whitening?!

Question: Do you have to be a certain age to get teeth whitening.?
My teeth aren't bad right now. But they could always be better! So I want to get teeth whitening.

also, how much does it cost.?

Thanks!Health Question & Answer

if you get them whitened under the age of 16 you're teeth will be really sensative for about 4 years. it is around 100$Health Question & Answer

it depend on the teeth whitner you brought. but most of them has to be 12 yrs or older. If you buy one, make sure that you are old enough to use it, it should say on the box.

The ones that i use is about $70-$100. again depends which one you want to buy. There is alot of stips in one box, like 50 or more, somthing like thatHealth Question & Answer

Your teeth should be white at your age. Try brushing after each meal, no smoking or coffee or tea. Try a little baking soda on the tooth paste 3x a week.Health Question & Answer

pretty cheap but dentist recommend 18 or so when you have fully maturedHealth Question & Answer

if you get it done at the dentist it's around $250. i don't think there's an age recommendedHealth Question & Answer

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