I ate chocolate and it ht a nerve in my teeth and hurt like hell is this normal? just had root canal. ?!

Question: I ate chocolate and it ht a nerve in my teeth and hurt like hell is this normal.? just had root canal. .?
i just had root canal where online can i find out more about ths subject.?Health Question & Answer

Hmm... If you had root canal done in that tooth then it shouldn't hurt AT ALL. You see, the point of root canal therapy is to kill the nerve hence no nerve no pain. Either the dentist has missed a lateral canal Or he has not finished the procedure. Sometimes we leave chemicals inside the tooth to slowly kill the nerve within a couple of weeks (usually this is done to patients who are afraid of anesthetic injections). If its the latter then he probably placed a temporary filling and told you to visit again in a weeks time.

Are you sure its the same tooth.? Sometimes tooth pain can be generalized and hard to locate.

In any case you have to go see a dentist, either the same one, or preferably someone else just to get a second opinion. But make sure that the second dentist you goto is GOOD because its his opinion on the matter that will help you make up your mind.

Hope that helped.
Dr. SamiHealth Question & Answer

I would just call the dr. that did your root canal. If it's really recent, it's probably just still an exposed nerve. If it's been over 2 weeks, you may need to go back in for a visit. Regardless, it sounds like an exposed nerve which is pretty normal, but they can put some cream like stuff on it to numb it and it stays on for a few days and sometimes they'll give you pain pills for the nerve pain. Just call and see what the doc says. good luck.Health Question & Answer

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