What is the purpse of a root canal and do you think it is covered by medi-cal?!

Question: What is the purpse of a root canal and do you think it is covered by medi-cal.?
Any ideas on what it is and if it might be covered if you need one .?Health Question & Answer

The bottom part of your tooth is basically a hollow shell filled with nerve tissue. If for example you have a deep cavity and bacteria enters the 'pulp chamber' then your tooth will hurt.

A root canal treatment means that the top of the tooth is opened, the root is 'killed', and then scraped/pulled out. Afterward, a rubber cement is used to fill the tooth and the top is closed again.

Some times the top can be fixed with a normal filling, but in some cases you will need a crown. In that case you will need what is called "post/core foundation restoration" to ensure that the crown has a solid foundation to be attached to.

Front teeth have one root, premolars have two, and molars have three roots.Health Question & Answer

a root canal is done to a tooth that is beyond repairing with fillings. the root gets infected and to prevent the tooth from being pulled, you have a root canal. they go in and hollow out your tooth and the root so the tooth no longer has a nerve or blood supply. in essence, the tooth is dead, but you have avoided having it pulled. the tooth is shaved down and a artificial cap is put on to protect the tooth, because it is now more susceptible to injury. after the permanent cap is put on, you should no longer have is issues with the tooth. different insurances cover different amounts. mine just covered 50% of mine, some cover up to 80% i believe. i was skeptical, but now its much better than having a gap! good luck!Health Question & Answer

The purpose of a root canal is to stop pain in the gum, around the tooth or in the tooth itself. I had several and they never helped. They cut the nerves in your gum where the pain is and remove them.

Root canals are Very expensive. You need to check with your health insurance provider to see if root canals are covered.
Mine is 50/50 meaning I have to pay half of the cost and again they are expensive.Health Question & Answer

I had one, the roots which keep your tooth alive on the inside is a nerve, when that gets infected they need to drill out the root and it makes it empty, then they put anchors down into that empty space,(wire.?),and tada, root canal.Health Question & Answer

A root canal is a very deep cavity...all the way to the root of the tooth you'd know it if you had one, hurts like the devil...
but Medi-cal paid for my root canal a long time ago...ask your worker.Health Question & Answer

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