Help pleeese with the tooth ?!

Question: Help pleeese with the tooth .?
Is human teeth poisonous.?

Because another boy's tooth tip slightly hit on my hand and the area looks like a ant bite.what do i do.?.?.?.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

Um, human teeth are not poisonous but the human mouth is fullllllll of germs. Wash the area really well with some antibacterial soap and swab some alcohol on it. Bandage the area and keep an eye on it. If you get little red lines near the wound then go to the Doctor. The red lines means it's infected.

Good Luck! :)Health Question & Answer

Human teeth are not poisonous.
However human saliva can be (because of the bacteria) if it enters a persons blood stream through a bite. If the skin is broken some saliva may have gotten in and the bacteria may cause some problems. However the chances of there being any problems are tiny. Clean the area well with alcohol like the above answer says. If it is bleeding try and squeeze a BIT of blood out just to clear out any germs that might have entered. Still if you are worried see a doctor and if he thinks there may be a problem he will give you some antibiotics. hope I helpedHealth Question & Answer

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