Crest white strips????!

Question: Crest white strips.?.?.?.?
my teeth after using them for like 4 days started becoming really sensitive, was i not supposed to leave them on all night or do i leave them on for a certain amount of timeHealth Question & Answer

usually they are left on for a set amount of time. i've never heard of the kind you leave on over night, but there might be ones like that.

The crest white strips ive used were left on for 20 or 30 minutes and i did experience sensitivity for awhile as well.Health Question & Answer

Read the directions on how long you are supposed to leave them on. All whitening brands are different so I cant answer that question BUT I do know that when whitening your teeth it can/will cause sensitivity.

Try purchasing a sensitivity toothpaste (ProEnamel, Crest Sensitivity, Sensodyne) to help rebuild and strengthen the enamel!

Good luck.Health Question & Answer

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