Dull ache after tooth extraction?!

Question: Dull ache after tooth extraction.?
I had my upper right tooth taken out on monday, Everything has been fine until today, In the hole there does seem to be a nice blood clot which is turning white, But for some reason there seems to be a dull throbbing pain coming from it. It seems to go and then come back. The tooth that was taken out was only a root because the tooth has rotted away and the root was dead my dentist told me.

I do have a bit of food stuck in it but im not to worried as my dentist told me at the time that food will work its way out.

Is it possible that i might be getting a dry socket.? I really do not want this as i have heard it can be very very painfulHealth Question & Answer

If there is a blood clot there then you are unlikely to get a dry socket but don't worry, even if you do it isn't always too bad, I had it when I had my tooth out and I managed to control the pain with painkillers until it got better.Health Question & Answer

Don't understand why the blood clot is turning white. I think its probably a build up of pus and you have an infection hence the throbbing pain. Food will eventually work its way out but meanwhile it rots, providing nourishment for bacteria. Go back to the dentist as you may now need antibiotics.Health Question & Answer

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