I got my wisdom teeth pulled, is it okay to eat a lot of ice cream?!

Question: I got my wisdom teeth pulled, is it okay to eat a lot of ice cream.?
its like the only thing i can eat. Is it okay.?

i don't want to loose my abs.Health Question & Answer

My dental surgeon encouraged me to eat icecream :) He said it helps coat your stomach (because some of the painkillers can be a bit harsh on the old tummy) plus getting some sugar into you is good. I am still having trouble eating anything solid. He reckons high sugar foods are no problem because you aren't eating much anyway, so best to eat things with lots of energy.
The cold will help with swelling too! Just make sure you rinse out with salty water regularly (I was told to do it every 2 hours).Health Question & Answer

yes you should be fine... soft comfort foods are best..

you wanna take it easy for at lest 2 days after to avoid getting a dry socket so that means:

* no smoking

* no drinking from a straw

* no heavy lifting

* no alcoholic beverages of carbonated beverages (with fizz)

* no vigorous swishing

you want a blood clot to form in the sockets, any of the above can cause negative pressure, disrupting the clot exposing the bone underneath and one its very painful and causes the dry socket.. the you have to go back to the dentist to have medicine put in to the canals..Health Question & Answer

Ice cream is fine. Personally, I would try to eat some healthier foods. I just got a molar pulled on Monday and I've been trying to drink lots of water and drink all-natural fruit smoothies (i.e. Naked juices are excellent and filling...the blueberry one especially!)Health Question & Answer

Soft cool foods is the ticket for a couple of days. Jello, custards, pudding, and protein drinks can also be used.Health Question & Answer

A dentistHealth Question & Answer


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