(Question about Teeth) Is it possible?!

Question: (Question about Teeth) Is it possible.?
Okay, i don't want dangerously sharp "vampire" teeth, I'm not emo or vamp, but i wanna know if its possible to make my teeth a little pointy. can I do wat rabbits do and chew metal or ice..or a nail file.? Any way to do this without a dentist appoinment.?Health Question & Answer

I knew a guy who filed all of his teeth to points with a nail file....but you better think about this really hard before you do it. There is no way to "take it back" if you decide you don't like it, and when you file away at the tooth surface your teeth are going to become pretty sensitive to cold and hot, not to mention being more exposed to decay. Anyways, this guy later regretted what he did and spent a whole lot of time at the dentist getting his teeth repaired and put back the way they were.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.Health Question & Answer

you could seriously damage your teeth by doing this. There is nothing wrong with liking what you like. Just be safe about achieving your goals.Health Question & Answer

whoa. bad Idea. bad idea all over. It you did that then you would be scraping the protection off you teeth. major disaster.Health Question & Answer

There are specialists that will do this for you . There is NOTHING safe out there for you to do it yourself without damaging your teethHealth Question & Answer

i don't think so... and it wouldn't feel very nice to chew on metal or a nail file... i do not recommend it!Health Question & Answer

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