Whats an easy way to whiten your teeth?!

Question: Whats an easy way to whiten your teeth.?
ok i want to whiten my teeth but i don't want to buy those dumb whitening strips so what else could i do with out having to buy anything.?Health Question & Answer

There are "Teeth Whitening" Toothpastes, next time you get new tooth paste you could get a better brand, or also Trident White gum is good.

But if it's just you're too lazy, brush for longer and maybe in addition to morning and night right after lunch.Health Question & Answer

all kinds of ways..
*crest white strips, but they dont stay in place very well.. you wear the strips a couple of weeks.... about $60

*over the counter bleach tray that you mold your self and bleach....you wear the trays twice a day for about 2 weeks.... about $30

*you can go to the dentist and have professional bleach tray made and get prescription strength bleach trays.. you wear the trays twice a day for about 2 weeks....about $250

*ZOOM whitening at the dentist you sit under the zoom light for an hour and get instant results....about $350

*Lazer Whitening at the dentist the dentist usea a lazer about 45mins instant results... can be up to $1000

professional is gonna get you quicker results.. all the above should get you the results some just take longer than others and depending on how much you wanna spend...
the only complication to bleaching is tooth sensitivity.Health Question & Answer

You could use baking soda, peroxide and table salt. Alternate them along with using your tooth paste.Health Question & Answer

There are plenty of teeth whitening pastes and gels out there
take your pick.. NONE of them will give you professional resultsHealth Question & Answer

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