It seems like my teeth are starting to look see through...?!

Question: It seems like my teeth are starting to look see through....?
Why is that and what can I do to stop or fix it.? I bought Crest Pro Health Enamel Shield thinking that will help with the sensitivity and built back up the enamel or whatever it making my teeth look clear. What should I do.?Health Question & Answer

anything acidic doesn't help.
soda, juice, citrus fruits, etc.
also whitenting your teeth alot doesn't help.
i reccomend using pro enamel tooth paste.Health Question & Answer

I have been having this problem for a while and after I got my mercury amalgams (silver fillings) removed, I started taking calcium, vitamin D and magnesium, and my teeth are getting more solid and much whiter. I get vitamin D in pill form (a little oil pill) and that helps the body absorb and hold onto the calcium.

I also started using natural toothpastes that didn't have any fluoride in them.

I hope this helps!Health Question & Answer
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Errosion of the enamel on your teeth. Use colagate-sensative toothpaste. This helps your teeth to ragain strength an sensitivness-which is a factor when eating, drinking hot liquids etc. Dont brush too hard, this may be a very major factor as to why ur loosing ur enamel.Health Question & Answer

Have you been bleaching your teeth.? excessive bleaching can be a cause. also if you are clenching or grinding you can be wearing your teeth down. either way you need to see a dentist so your thinning teeth don't start chipping and breaking downHealth Question & Answer

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Tooth pastes claim to build enamel but you wonder. Smoking causes erosion of enamel and certainly age. Veneers can solve the problem but don't know of other solution.Health Question & Answer

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