Will my teeth move if I don't wear my retainer ?!

Question: Will my teeth move if I don't wear my retainer .?
I got my braces off about a year and a half ago, actually...almost 2 years. I've been wearing my retainers ever since. I wore them 24/7 for a year straight ( that's what my dentist told me to do ) and ever since that year was up I've just been wearing it every night. They broke last night and I can't get another appointment in until 4 weeks from now. I know I've worn my retainer for all the time I'm suppose to but it almost feels like theyre moving since I'm so use to wearing it just to be safe. Will they move .? If they do, will it be a lot.? I don't want crooked teeth again.Health Question & Answer

most likely they will move (probably not a lot and it may only be noticeable to you) - but it shouldn't be a big deal. once you get ur new retainers they should go back to the straightened position.

good luck! =)Health Question & Answer

have retainers and have lost them before (and my teeth went back to the correct position).Health Question & Answer

Ok...if you have been wearing it for a year straight 24/7, then not wearing them for 4 weeks wont do anything. Try and get an appointment with ur dentist asap as the retainer just supports you teeth because of the sudden impact that taking off your braces casuing your teeth to maybe move around due to their is no support.Health Question & Answer

They might but probably not since its only 4 weeks. My ex wore a retainer and eventually stopped and very slowly he got a gap in his front teeth but I think it took months not weeks.Health Question & Answer

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