Why did dentist ask if I breathe by my mouth?!

Question: Why did dentist ask if I breathe by my mouth.?
He asked me this as he was looking at my teeth, and I have no idea why...?Health Question & Answer

Probably because your palate was red and inflamed behind your front teeth. The gingiva also will have a different appearance.Health Question & Answer

maybe you were breathing using your mouth when he was looking at your teeth and he felt it...

in my opinion, he asked this because it would be a little bit difficult to perform certain operations on your mouth if you used it for breathing. you might suffocate as the operation might include sticking several objects in your mouth.Health Question & Answer

my experience with the dentistHealth Question & Answer

its because breathing through the mouth from a young age tends to make the teeth grow projecting forward, out of the mouth instead of growing tsraight down.Health Question & Answer

there's a dentist's office in the basement of my house!!Health Question & Answer

People who breathe through their mouths tend to have very dry mouths and little saliva. Maybe that was the case. Patients with dry mouths also have a higher risk of getting cavities.Health Question & Answer

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