Who do i need to hire to work in a dentist office?!

Question: Who do i need to hire to work in a dentist office.?
I want to know who to hire to work in a dentist office.Health Question & Answer

Dental assistants
and a dentist
and a person the make to impression and other things like crownsHealth Question & Answer

Certified Dental Assistant who is also has their Xray certification. You can also hire non certified assistants and give them on the job training. But, they are not supposed to take xrays without their certification.

Sterile Tech - Someone who sterilizes instruments and burs. This person can also break down the chair area and clean this area, along with the drill bits as well.

Office Staff - Office manager to ensure that the running of the front office goes smoothly. You will need someone to do billing and schedule appointments as well.



Lab Tech - if you have the in house lab, you will need someone who can break down the impressions to make the permanent molds, someone who is responsible for the crowns, bridges, etc. and orders all the supplies. If you do not have an in house lab, this person would be responsible for shipping out molds, checking in crown/bridge work, ordering trays and sterilizing trays, etc.

Those are the main ones that I can think of.Health Question & Answer

Dental Hygenist
Dental assitantHealth Question & Answer

some one how nows alot about teeth:o)Health Question & Answer

daaahhhhhhhhHealth Question & Answer

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